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Prime Customer

The loyalty program for our loyal customers

The loyalty program is and will be a constantly changing program,
as we wish to give giving more back to our customers.
Meaning, the more we continue to grow, we wish to keep improving
the online content and discounts for you guys!
But, hey. Why stop there, we hope to gather enough loyalty members
to finance meetups, on a regular basis.
As we truly wish to improve the community for our members
and doll owners in general.
Still not sure what this program is about, or if you want to signup/join.
you shouldn't worry too much, give it a try. It's completely free,
the worst thing, you might save some cold cash on your next order!
These credits can only be spent on this website, on either a new doll
or accessories.The credits cannot be withdrawn to a bank account.

Click Her to see Loyalty Program