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Here you can read about our company, service and staff

We are a newly founded company, we aim to provide the best service possible.
Our plan is to always ask our customers for feedback, reviews and constantly implement every bit of new knowledge.
We will ask all our customers for feedback after every purchase, about their experience on our shop, checkout, customers service and more.
All our customers get to write a review on the products they have purchased, we strongly suggest this.
As it is you as customer, who can help us build a stronger foundation of trust.
Together you can help us create a positive and safe environment.
We will take both the negative and positive feedback, to further develop our platform, until every customer is satisfied.

Currently the staff of Primedoll consist of just one person. However, I have some strong partners who helps me, build our success and keep the high standard.
I'm currently located in Denmark, where I have grown up. I live in the capital, Copenhagen.
After I finished school when I was 16, I went to become apprentice as a carpenter.
I completed my apprenticeship after 4 years, and continued to work as a carpenter for another year.
At this point I longed for new challenges, so I founded my own company in a very different field.
I started an online sexshop here in Denmark, I managed the firm for about two years.
It was an extremely learning phase, and very intense. This is how I was introduced to LoveDolls, I quickly became quite fascinated by it.
Because at first glance, you just think "oh gosh" what kind of perverts buy these kinds of products.
But I dived into the market, forums and anything I could find about the subject.
It didn't take me long to realise, that these LoveDolls are more then just a sex object for most of the men who purchased them.
It became a companion, a safe place for men who had been through a struggle. Such as divorce, loneliness or death came early for the wife.
It was no longer an "it", the dolls develop their own kind of personalities. Provided to them by their owners, and they develop sort of a bond.
One of my goals are to make it more acceptable to own Lovedolls, since it should be. The era is perfect for that kind of thing, taboos are being broken down one by one in our current era. I see no reason why these dolls have to be such a taboo, as they certainly don't hurt anyone.
Another of my goals are to created an even more active online community for our doll owners, I do realise that there are already certain forums for this. So why would my forum be any different? Well, I hope to create a more engaging community, with social events, online events, contests, and host polls on how you, as user of the site expects the future to look like. Because only together can we create the perfect community, where there are space for every one of us.